About Us

Our team consists of well-experienced experts in the field of information technology and business. We possess expertise in the areas of establishing business processes, technology, as well as risk management processes and transition. With over 20 associates and business activities all over Serbia, the region and world we add value to our clients, introduce innovations and suggest changes that will lead to profitability increase.

Nenad Nikolin

Broadly acquired education demonstrates both general and technical education through an essential understanding of the business needs of different types of users. Ten years of work experience in the IT industry, as well as an affinity for optimizing all types of businesses and the ability to form and lead teams, make him the leader of the most complex projects. As one of the founders of the Fractal Dimension consultancy, he is committed to promoting professional business analysis, applying standards as well as bringing together teams that can respond well to contemporary challenges.

Ivana Kostić

Expert in IT. Demonstrated success in various challenging roles in IT disciplines. 10 years of work experience in IT, covering various segments from retail, corporate, wholesale, to project infrastructure solutions as well as IT services. Focused on achieving goals, maintaining and improving relationships with existing customers, developing and implementing new ideas and solutions, maintaining customer satisfaction, as well as expanding and conquering new market segments. Specialties: Project management and management, building and managing customer relationships, market analysis and promoting new trends in IT.

Aleksandar Radjenovic

The education acquired at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade was very quickly able to apply through a work engagement in one of the leading IT companies dealing with system integration. In his 10-year career he has shown remarkable results in achieving his goals, often setting standards in the companies that hired him. He manages the most complex IT projects in Serbia, in Telco, Enterprise, Finance, Gov and other industries. From the position of one of the leaders of the leading vendor division in Serbia, he implemented the most complex infrastructure project in the Telco industry. Special areas of interest are Customer Requirements Management, Business Analysis, Infrastructure Solutions, Software Solutions and more.

Damir Lukić

After graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb, he was employed by several leading IT companies in the region. He has specialized in systems integration, server and disk systems, cloud solutions and also promoting migration services in cloud environments. In recent years, he has been dedicated to improving business processes, cloud strategies and optimizing business operations through the application of modern IT solutions. References to the migration processes of multiple mid-US companies to the Google Apps, Amazon AWS, VMware vCloud platforms he directly handled qualify him for the most complex cloud computing projects. Directly manages and manages complex IT infrastructures in Europe, USA and Canada.

Adrijana Tomović

Translator with years of experience in translating ICT technologies. He has been active in translation since 2007 when he works as a translator for the American company PIPE LLC. Participated in projects for localization of web portals, DMS and HelpDesk applications. She has been translating documents and managing major international projects. Graduated English from the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Speaks English, Italian Russian.

Vladimir Stankovic

Combining IT education and marketing experience, he has participated in numerous ICT StartUp projects over the past 15 years. Among the first significant activities is participation in a team that has set up and managed one of the leading telecommunications companies in Serbia. He won the SuperBrand title as ISP Marketing Director. In the last few years he has been engaged in the project of positioning security companies in the Western Balkans (exYu), and since 2012 he has been cooperating with the world leaders in the field of perimeter cloud security with the same task but the extended territory (+ Romania).

Marko Ivančević

Lecturer in ICT Technology. All those who want to keep up with ICT technologies are aware that they have to learn. Education gives market advantage, creates preconditions for the future and creates flexible teams. In his 15-year career, he has participated in many ICT projects, in the academic, public and private sectors.

Biljana Obradović

Expert with over 15 years of experience working on IT projects in management and consulting positions in the management, development and implementation of information systems, as well as in internal control and quality assurance systems of the project. She holds a Cambridge International Project Management Diploma (IDPM) and has worked with a variety of project management methodologies, such as PMC, PMBOK, Prince 2, Logical Framework, Agile, Scrum, RUP. Biljana has undergone several training trainer trainings under USAID, EBRD, World Bank educations. As a trainer, he has over 50 successfully completed trainings in the fields of project and program management, sales, negotiation, presentation, leadership, change management, team building, time management, stress management, etc.

Goran Perisic

He is a long-time expert in the field of digital, internet and viral marketing as well as in the field of application of social networks in order to promote companies, products and services. By designing and implementing a digital strategy for the largest multinational companies operating in Serbia, Croatia and in the region, he successfully promoted online campaigns, establishing new brands and increasing visibility on the social networks of well-known world products and manufacturers.

Knowledge of the capabilities of modern IT technologies, understanding the benefits and new brand values ​​while inventing a strategy that will gain great consumer acceptance are a difficult task that Goran successfully solves, building the reputation of a leading digital marketing strategist in the country, region and world.

Jovan Popovic

An ICT technology consultant, he has gained his eighteen years of international experience in two of the largest Serbian and two largest international corporations. In his career, he has completed projects in the areas of resource management, system integration, system security, mobile business and specific FCMCG and Telco solutions. Respecting standards and advanced technologies as well as specific approach to business analysis processes, he has developed a couple of specific application solutions that are successfully used. He is one of the founders of the IIBA branch in Serbia.

Vesna Vuksan

An adventurer in the world of creative communications and digital marketing companies, she enjoys performing spells and making a client’s personal professional online appearance. She pretends to know something about web design and inspirational presentations, and most of all she loves to bake potatoes from the oven, sun and travel along salty and sweet watery expanses. Sometimes she wears two different earrings.
Audiences, public relations, analytics, copywriting, SEO copywriting, and brand storytelling are all your favorite daily challenges… One more thing: Vesna is actually a librarian and does not publish books. In one large and beautiful library, she is engaged in innovation in customer service development, working as a webmaster, social networking strategist and PR.