In the area of advisory services we estimate and on the basis of users’ business needs devise a comprehensive technological, rational IT solution that will meet the requirements. Through the analysis of business processes, we establish the flow of information and decision-making on the basis of which optimal architecture for future solutions will be chosen. Offered solutions are based on methodologies such as information lifecycle management, data classification, data security, achieving return of investment and justification of total investment.
There are four stages in project approaching: introduction, assessment, advice and execution.

Introduction involves learning. We try to find out about your business as much as possible and to understand your position and situation as well as your desires concerning the progress you want to achieve. Time, money and resources are the key factors that affect your business
and we have a complete understanding of the fact as your success will be our success. We are aware of the fact that our success will depend on whether you are successful and achieve the goals you have set or not.

Once we are well familiar with your business running, we will present you our assessments regarding necessary efforts which have to be made in order to successfully realize the project. The necessary efforts mean engaging internal and external resources, reorganization and allocation of resources as well as financial investments. If we estimate that at a certain moment conditions have not been met for implementation of the project we will let you know, in order not to waste time, money and resources. If we estimate that the intended goals are not feasible or not economically viable we will let you know in order you to think about different strategy and to set more realistic and feasible goals.

As we have assessed the risks we approach counseling. We advise our clients that strategic initiatives, if they are transformed into projects, lead to increased profitability. Success builds a career. Failure destroys it. Our advice is based on our experience.  We recognize the situation we have gone through, the earlier risks, the way they have been overcome and taken actions that have led to success. We try to find the best solutions and make the best decisions. We create a winning atmosphere, build executive consensus and establish executive lines of communication that will lead to results.
The results are achieved through a disciplined and consistent application of principles based on the following grounds:
• Consistent and clearly defined goals,
• Ongoing analysis of responsibilities, resources and dependencies,
• Ongoing monitoring of deadlines and financial costs,
• Commitment to professional expertise ,
• Concise , relevant and effective reporting
By using our proclaimed basis, the executives are at any time involved in the phases, making a well-founded and informed decision while keeping the ultimate perspective. At any time, we keep the focus on the stages of the project so that the client has become increasingly efficient as far as business running is concerned. Our slogan is a better solution for better business.